Living room with internal integrated
Bedroom room with internal integrated
Lobby with internal integrated
Living room with internal integrated

Integrated Panel : We can customize according to client 3D design

Living Room with Integrated Panel

Casey integrated wall of New PE Group has come out with carrying new product 3 D customized and client tailored design technology. As the upgraded and substitute product of traditional decorative materials, it integrates four materials of Aluminum-Magnesium (Zinc) alloy, decorative coating, thermal insulation material and corrosion preventive aluminum foil perfectly through a composite technology. Therefore, except for the decorative function, it has the characteristics go environmental protection, thermal insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation, fireproofing, moisture-proof, corrosion prevention, durable in use, convenient for installation, check in upon finishing decoration. It will become the good news of healthy decoration so as to thoroughly solve the big problem of decoration pollution.

This product passed environment certificate of China Architectural Cultural Board Environment Protecting Committee and the correlated detection of fireproofing, sound insulation, thermal insulation and construction quality by national authorities with obtaining certificates. Since it can be applied to celling, wall, partition and various background wall convenient and environmentally friendly without methanol, it is one of the popular, fashionable and environmental decorative materials that lead the new trend.

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Advance our Integrated Panel and Traditional Type

advance our integrated panel and traditional

Setting up a chain of new-type corrosion resistant, energy saving composite plates with innovative approaches and upgradedtechnology, to better our products and generate more value.

  • Hardness: Our integrated wall benefit from the aluminum hardness through alloy & polyurethane modification
  • Heat Insulation: Insulation performance is up to 300 C which allow energy saving efficiency
  • Texture: the 3D capability allows unlimited artistic imagination
  • Cleaning: With the nanometer technology, intensive simulated scrubbing cleaning did not alter the quality of the panels
  • Fire proofing: Testing has graded the panels as level A2
  • Installation: Casey’s patent of buckle technology on the joint optimize the installation solving challenges.

Color Sample Panel

  • Pure White
    Pure White



  • Allure White
    Allure White
  • Jade Exquistile
    Jade Exquistile
  • Western-Region
  • Haunglong Jade
    Haunglong Jade
  • Maple
  • Portor Gold
    Portor Gold
  • Regalite
  • Rosewood
  • Sky Rhyme
    Sky Rhyme
  • White Jade
    White Jade
  • Fresh Wood
    Fresh Wood
  • Kyoka Oak
    Kyoka Oak