Hot Dip Aluminum Zico Plate Production Line
R& D and production of new material Plant
Chrome Plating line
Hot Dip Alloy sheet
Color Coated Sheet and tinplate

Galvanized Plate (Aluminum) Made from cold rolled sheet coated with zinc. Corrosion Resistant and high temperature tolerant. Used in Manufacturing and construction.

Color Coasted Sheet. After surface pre-treatment, a cold rolled sheet is continuously coated by a roller coating machine. With followed baking and cooling process, the color coating sheet is made. It is light, beautiful and corrosion resistant, and usually used in construction, ship building, auto making, furniture and electric appliance.

Electrolytic Tinplate. Made from cold rolled sheet coated with two layers of metallic
tin. It is corrosion resistant and has good strength and hardness.
It is nontoxic and smellless and is easy to be molded and welded. Beautiful pictures can be printed on it. It can be used in canning and can also be used to package paint, oil and medicine, etc.

Electroplated Chromium Plate It is cold rolled sheet coated with chrome metal. Corrosion resistant, it has good strength and hardness. Its surface is glossy and abrasion resistant. Widely used in various industries, such as manufacturing.