Hot Dip Aluminum Zico Plate Production Line
R& D and production of new material Plant
Chrome Plating line
Hot Dip Alloy sheet
Color Coated Sheet and tinplate

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 Sichuan Plant

  • Annually 1 million tons of corrosion resistant, energy-saving composite plate
  • A continuous pickling line, an 8-roller rolling line, a hot dip galvanizing line and a color coating line put into operation in July, 2012
  • A hot dip thick alloy plate production line in place in June, 2014
  • A tinplate production line to be in place later this year
  • A push pull continuous pickling line. Annual capacity: 600,000 tons
  • 8 roller (1450mm) 5-stand tandem rolling line. Annual capacity 500,000 tons
  • A continuous hot dip line. Annual capacity 300,000 tons
  • A hot dip aluminum coating line. Annual capacity 400,000 tons
  • A color Coating line with annual capacity of 300,000 Tons
  • A tin plating line. Annual capacity 150,000 tons
  • A chrome plating line Annual capacity 150,000 tons

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